Gluten Free Brunch

Grilled Pink Grapefruit 4
drizzled with honey
Butternut Squash-Green Apple Soup 6
pumpkin seeds & fried sage
Grilled Hot Wings 8
with Gorgonzola dressing & celery sticks
Grilled Chicken Livers 7
naturally raised livers over watercress
with creamy garlic dressing 
Creamy Smoky Eggplant Spread 8
with endive leaves 
Small Plates
Grilled Shrimp Skewer       12
over baby spinach, red pepper vinaigrette 
Greek Style Lamb Kefta Skewer*  10
over baby spinach, cucumber sauce 
Dijon-Glazed Beef Kabob*         10
mixed greens, creamy Dijon
Salad                 5
Italian, creamy Dijon, creamy garlic, Gorgonzola 
Classic Caesar* without croutons            8
                   add grilled chicken            11
                   add grilled salmon or shrimp   14
Grilled Salmon Cobb Salad*                   14
Atlantic salmon, avocado, apple-smoked bacon, goat cheese, tomato 
& hard-boiled egg, mixed greens, creamy Dijon vinaigrette
Grilled Chicken, Beet & Green Apple       12
toasted walnuts, spinach and gorgonzola dressing
Grill-Seared Tuna & Bartlett Pear             16 
seared tuna with a coriander & mustard seed crust, over baby spinach, 
arugula, shaved fennel, red pepper, endive & creamy Dijon vinaigrette
Sandwiches on a gluten-free bun from Curtis Street Bakery
Choice of potato salad, slaw or fries
Grilled Tuscan Chicken Breast 11
provolone, grilled red pepper, arugula, marjoram vinaigrette
Grilled Knackwurst & Swiss 9
with sauerkraut on the side
Slow Grilled Pulled Pork, North Carolina Style 11
topped with slaw with BBQ sauce on the side
Backyard Burgers choice of potato salad, slaw, or fries
One dollar up-charge for a gluten-free brioche bun from Curtis Street Bakery
Beef, Turkey or Veggie Burger*   11
Add American, Swiss, cheddar, pepper jack, or provolone cheese 12
Mexicali Burger* 14
pepper jack, avocado, chipotle mayo & green chili salsa 
Muffaletta Burger* 13
provolone, Creole olive salad & garlic mayo*
Bellissimo Burger*      14
grilled Portobello, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella & basil aioli 
Two Eggs* 8
grilled ham, bacon or grilled sage sausage patty, home fries 
Eggs Benedict* 11
On a gluten-free bun with ham, turkey, grilled vegetables or spinach
Eggs Diablo* 11
two poached eggs, spicy pork, black beans, tortillas, 
hollandaise & habanero sauces
Spicy Sweet Potato & Grilled Chicken Hash* 9
two poached eggs & pipitas 
Omelet* home fries 8
     add grilled zucchini, onion, red pepper, spinach, grilled Roma tomato, 
     grilled portobello, cheddar,  feta, provolone or goat cheese 1.00
     add ham, bacon, smoked salmon or grilled chicken 1.50
Snicker Sundae
vanilla ice cream, chocolate & caramel sauces, peanuts, & whipped cream
Flourless Chocolate Brownie Sundae 6
walnut toffee sauce & whipped cream
Creamy Risotto Rice Pudding 6
golden raisins and candied almonds
Bowl of Toscanini’s Ice Cream 5
Chocolate chocolate chip 
Black & Blue Sorbets